Why Choose Blur?

We work with large and small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to stand out on social media, curate a branded identity that showcases their unique strengths and traits, and wish to position themselves as industry leaders.

With our particular fusion of lifestyle photography/video and social media management, we are able to grow a truly individual brand. We create beautiful, engaging content, specific to your industry and brand personality, never cookie-cutter recycled posts. Our skilled team consists of graphic designer, photography, copywriting, and branding strategy.

About Us:


Amie has over 17 years experience in both photography and design, and has written for several publications such as Role+Reboot, Good Men Project, Alternet, and Salon. Her branding photography has been featured on HGTV's website and magazine, and multiple smaller publications.


Her unique role at Blur is to help clients cultivate the feel and aesthetics of their unique, personal brand, create and execute social media campaigns, and provide provide clients with high-end, brand-centric lifestyle photography and high quality content copy that will never have a "cookie cutter" mass-produced vibe.

Amie Johnson

Creative Director



Craig is an Arizona native, born and raised here in the Valley. He works with Blur clients to assess their unique advertising needs, and to create a comprehensive plan to market their business through social media, and use their brand's strengths to stand out.

He is a firm believer in staying local, and loves connecting local clients in ways that are symbiotic, creating a referral web that other, large-scale advertising and branding agencies are not able to provide.

With formal education in graphic design and marketing, Craig is able to help Blur clients with both web and graphic design needs, in order to maximize their branded presence.

Craig Gierish

Brand Manager


With a background in art, custom woodworking, and sculpting, Alicia brings an eye for color, creativity, unique design, illustration, and copywriting. 

Alicia helps Blur clients with content creation, account management, photography, and uses her writing and design abilities to help them create a cohesive and visually stunning online presence.

When she’s not at work, she spends time with her husband, two dogs, and new daughter, and enjoys sketching, painting, and sculpting.

Alicia Harrington

Content Creator



Always fascinated with computers and technology I naturally geared my college education and career path to Computer Information Sciences. After working in my field for a few years doing development I always found myself dabbling in other related departments such as marketing, data mining, and graphic design which all were dependent on my development job title. This ultimately led me to taking the reigns as a project manager and overseeing all aspects of brand building and eventually landed me with Blurr marketing where I help create a unique brand experience based on each individual case.     

Matt Bass

Engagement Coordinator

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